Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Sad Day for the Music World

Sucks that the first time that I'm back on this blog is to mourn the loss of the King of Pop. Many of us have grown up listening to his music, watching his videos, commercials and even his ludicrous antics. Some of my earliest memories of Michael Jackson were sitting in front of the t.v. as a child, listening to and watching Erica Ehm on Much Music introduce the video "Thriller"...singing along. Dancing along to the Jackson 5 on the radio....trying to recreate his stellar dance moves...

Always having that respect for his talent, music and dance moves. Waiting in line to be one of the first fans to get his latest cassette, begging my parents to buy me a cassette, and trying to convince my older brothers to let me listen to "Thriller" on vinyl.

For 26 years I have enjoyed his music and have never once lost interest in his work. His contribution to Motown, Pop, and the Entertainment world is unmeasurable.

On this day we mourn the loss of not only a pop star, but a figure who meant so much to us, his fans, and to the rest of the world.

We will miss you Michael Jackson.

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